There's so much going on in such little time, so this might be a very long blog post, fair warning.

dfamr issue #1
A quarterly magazine with new artwork, photography, poetry, prose, writing, illustrations, etc. Right now, for the first issue, it's just going to be me. In later issues, we're going to open it up to collaborations with some of my comrades in the various arts.

It won't be available until mid-May (I'm putting the final touches on it now, then sending it off to be printed), and available in the online store or in person from me. This will be a limited edition run.


Festival International de Louisiane
April 25th through April 29th in Lafayette, Louisiana. I will have some prints with me, but otherwise, I'll be there to enjoy the music, friends, and be sure to catch me with my very good and longtime friend Lisa LeBlanc.

VOLTA14 at Art Basel 2018
I can't believe this, but I've going to be showing my artwork at VOLTA14 at Art Basel in Basel, Switzerland from June 11th to 16th, 2018. Anyone in the arts knows that this is a huge deal and a huge honour. I'll be posting more on this soon.

Ads for splay
You might have already noticed, but targeted ads for splay are already showing up online, on Facebook and Instagram. I hate ads too, but this one isn't too intrusive, plus it features the cover of dfamr issue #1.

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