ELLE, New Content, Trade Books – On the way!

My latest venture was shooting Cœur de Pirate (Béatrice Martin) for the cover of ELLE magazine. It's great working with friends you've known for...well over a decade when she was in a different band in Montreal. Super positive reactions all around.

There's a lot going on, and I'm using this weekend to get caught up on photo sets I just haven't had time to touch up and submit. I think I'm about 2,500 photos behind...and that's a conservative estimate. Sounds like I'll be stuck in the Adobe Creative Suite for the next few days.

Speaking of, I'm almost done re-editing and remastering a few of my first films, which I'll be selling through Vimeo, because they have a superior video quality and their system for renting or purchasing is hands-down the best for consumers like you. More on that when I get those uploaded and the system going.

Available in hard copy or as an eBook (Kindle, ePub, or iBooks), I hope to get these out soon. The profit from these will go to getting my other, much longer projects funded.

I'll be getting this set up in a few days. Basically, I need some sponsors to get these projects going, and I have some very, very cool rewards for supporters.

This is for the masculinity vs feminity photo series. I spent way, way too much of my own cash getting the subjects photographed, and I plan to have some prominent writers contribute words/essays on each subject, and I don't think it's fair to have them work for free. I also plan to donate the proceeds from the sales to activist groups and charities that are affected by the issues I'm raising in this photo series. More, much more detailed information when I get ready to launch the Kickstarter.

I finally OK'd the sale of prints from photographs I've taken of various celebrities because a ton of people have expressed interest in purchasing some. Nadya from Pussy Riot is an example. Whitney Rose (who is about to blow up and is an amazing crossover artist), Chrissy Teigen, Margot Robbie, Keira Knightley, Marie de Villepin, Miranda Frum, Justin Trudeau, PK Subban, and more. They'll be very limited edition, framed if you want, and of the highest workmanship. Again, there's just a few legal snags to finalize, because the proceeds are also going to a charity of my choice and a charity of the particular celebrity's choice. Believe me, I'll put the availability on blast when they're available.

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